Are you struggling with addiction or any life controlling problem? Is alcohol, drugs or porn destroying your life?

Introducing 30 Day Liberty School for Men

A powerful 30 day program at a beautiful campsite to bring lasting transformation in your life through the power of the Holy Spirit.


June 29, 2014: School Registration
June 30, 2014: Orientation
July 1-30, 2014: Liberty School
July 31, 2014: School Dismissed


All inclusive fees covers food, lodging & school materials:
Rs 5,000: Dormitory accommodation
Rs 7,000: Non A/C shared room
Rs 10,000: A/C shared room


WHAT TO BRING: Bible, notebook, pens, personal clothes, cotton shirts & T-shirts, shorts or pants, shoes, sandals or chapals, toiletries (toothpaste, brush, bathing soap, washing soap), towel, mosquito coil, plastic/steel dinner plate & cup, plastic water bottle, bed sheet.

DO NOT BRING: Electronics, jewelry, costly items, other books, music CDs, laptops, etc.

IMPORTANT: Do not bring any medication UNLESS you have a doctor’s prescription.


From Chennai Central railway station, take ARAKONAM route local train or any train that stops at THIRUVALLUR (ask at station to make sure). From Thiruvallur railway station take auto to PARIKULAM near Poondi reservoir. Many auto drivers already know “Berachah”. For additional help contact Selwin +91-9283122582 or Alex, +91-9884328797